Our Values

Values are a guiding beacon; a standard of judgement which can be used to motivate and drive behaviours. They run through everything we do: united we will be: positive, professional and passionate.

We will be UNITED

- I will always be willing to help
- I will show empathy and support for others
- I will wear the hospice uniform and/or badge with pride


- I will be a champion of the hospice
- I will work hard to go the extra mile
- I will be enthusiastic, committed and willing to adapt and change

We will be POSITIVE

- I will search for solutions when dealing with a problem
- I will encourage, give praise and be open to other people’s ideas
- I will greet people warmly with a smile


- I will live the hospice values and follow my own professional code of conduct
- I will show respect for all persons and the environment
- I will be polite and considerate to all persons within and outside the hospice